In the software development industry, many engineers are having trouble understanding the current status of their project right and sharing it with team members. We think the fact that "the software development projects are invisible" is one of the reasons cause this situation.
Have you ever encountered engineers working on project without getting the project plan decided between sales department and project manager right, having different recognitions of current project, misunderstanding each other by lack of communication and team no one grasps the accurate project status?

Then what brings opaque situations like this?
We've assumed that these are the issues toward it.

- They don't always grasp the project status accurately
- They can't see the "current" status of the project as a whole
- They can't always see what others are doing

  What is TRICHORD?

TRICHORD is an agile project management tool with timebox management technique. It helps you see your project from three different viewpoints, Time, Task and Team. By visualizing project by each angle, it solves the issues we mentioned above.

  What is Timebox Management?

A timebox is a limited period which to accomplish some task. The end date that is set in stone could be a deadline to accomplish task completely or checkpoint to get ongoing task checked up to see how it is going. At every checkpoint, you can evaluate ongoing project progress and adjust the scope of the task to ensure that all essential project process elements are current and correct.
Also by evaluating tasks and checking priority of them at every checkpoint, it helps everyone in team to grasp the project process clearly and bring better results.

  Time, Task and Team

Every project consists of complicated elements.
So TRICHORD made it into 3 simple elements, Time, Task and Team. There is always "Time" in any project and there is always "Thing" to create. And who would create the thing is "Team".
TRICHORD takes a look over the project from each angle of these three elements to visualize project.

  Aim for Win - Win - Win strategy

TRICHORD aims to accommodate engineers, project leaders/managers and customers in Win - Win - Win situation and make everyone happy and supports your team to "get result for a period of time and lead your project to success".
~Daily works of engineers with TRICHORD will bring project managers and customers happiness.~ That's what we hope and aim for in TRICHORD.

  Function Overview


Task Kanban is a dashboard. First you breakdown tasks and make them into cards then paste them on the Task Kanban. There are three lanes in the Kanban, To do, Doing and Done. By placing task cards in lanes depending on the task status, you can see the status of these tasks clearly at a glance. TRICHORD has two more kanbans, Story Kanban that indicates the project progress by Timeboxes and Feature Kanban that indicates by Release and iteration plans.

Burn down chart

Burn down chart is a graph that visualizes the amount of work remaining. The vertical axis indicates the amount of work remaining and the horizontal axis indicates the time. By plotting the amount of work remaining everyday, it visualizes how long it will take to complete the project. There are also two more charts, Daily burn chart that visualizes the work remaining in each day and one that visualizes the amount of work remaining by Timeboxes.

Niko-niko Calendar

It visualizes mood of the team by everyone inputting their feelings and mood for a day with colorful smiley face icons and comments.

Web report

TRICHORD exports projects status into a document that can be seen on web browsers.

  Basic Functions

- Manage multi projects by switching workspaces
- Anyone in a team can go on by switching users
- Print out Kanban, Burn down charts
- Simple manage method by using XML
- Using Eclipse Rich Client Platform give you the flexibility on operation
- Easy upgrade to the latest version via network

  New features on TRICHORD

Please go to What's new to see new features on TRICHORD.

  Features of Kanban

Common features
TRICHORD visualizes task by using Kanban.
   - Use cards for tasks which is more instinctive than writing tasks in lists
   - Display tasks in colored cards and in lanes
   - Icons for completed task cards
   - Copy & Paste the task cards to reuse as new iteration plans arise
   - Ability to zoom In/out freely
   - Alert when someone modifies

Feature Kanban
   - Supports your planning based on Release term and features by card metaphor
   - Automatically generate the amount of To do's/Done's from the status of story
   - Visualize the status of feature by generating the status of story
Feature Kanban
Click image to enlarge.

Story Kanban
   - Supports your planning based on Iteration term and stories by card metaphor
   - Automatically generate the amount of To do's/Done's from the status of tasks
   - Display the project speed every iterations
Story Kanban
Click image to enlarge

Task Kanban
   - Manage and track tasks within an iteration
   - Easy to operate tasks by using drag & drop
   - Display the status of task (To do, Doing or Done) by the position of task cards
   - Show involved stories by a line color of cards
   - Use tabular form to input the remaining hours of task
   - Display the task status by line colors
Task Kanban
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  Features of Burn down chart

Iteration burn down chart
Show the quantity of remaining stories per iteration in one release in a graph
   - You can tell if all stories will be complete or not within the release at a glance
Automatically updates the chart with the latest status of task cards
Iteration burn down chart
Click image to enlarge

Daily burn down chart
Indicate the quantity of remaining tasks per day within an iteration
   - You can tell if all tasks will be complete or not within an iteration at a glance
Automatically updates the chart with the latest status of task cards
Daily burn down chart
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  Niko-niko Calendar

It visualizes how everyone in team is doing by smiley icons and comments. When you take a look at a calendar, you can tell the mood of team as a whole.
You can change the indication period of calendar
Niko-niko Caneldar
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  Web report

TRICHORD exports multi workspaces onto HTML reports as Web report. This document is a summary that indicates the latest status of multiple projects. Also you can see the detailed information of each project in chart.
It supports the utility of both of command line and GUI to go with your environment. Web report
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