What's New

This section introduces new functions added to TRICHORD.


New functions in TRICHORD 1.3.0 are described below.

Ability to merge Task Kanban Data

The ability to merge Task Kanban helps you manage multiple revisions of the information of Task Kanban efficiently. In case that you and other team member have the same cards on each TRICHORD, this merge function enables you to import the information of cards that others have updated to your Cards. So you always have the latest and accurate Kanban data to work on. Merge can be preceded automatically or manually.

New shortcut keys for Zoom-in

The shortcut keys for Zoom-in used to be the "Ctrl++" in Kanban. They no longer work and new Zoom-in shortcut keys are "Ctrl+=".

Ability to edit Properties

New menu to edit properties of Cards/Lanes is added. You can detach the PropertyView from the screen and have it placed at a center of screen or wherever it is conveniently for you to edit.

Edit Properties

Card Size

Now you can show Cards in two different sizes. You can change the card size depending on what you do. For example, by showing the "DONE" cards in small size, you will be able to make Kanban Space bigger and maximize the efficiently of the space you work on.

Card Size

Deadline Icon for Task

The Deadline Icon used to be shown on Task Card if the status is not DONE yet even after it passed the deadline. Since this version, Deadline icon always shows on all Task Cards that have set deadline and the status is not DONE.

Default estimate time for Task

When creating a new task, it comes with "1" estimate time and "1" remaining time by default.

Improvements on showing current Iteration area

When you open Story Kanban, the screen will scroll down automatically to show you the current Iteration area without letting you scroll it by yourself.

Exporting WebReport

You can now export WebReport from TRICHORD install directory.


New functions in TRICHORD 1.2.0 are described below.

Work with Trac

TRICHORD enables you to work with the Issue Tracking System Trac.
You can import the Trac tickets into TRICHORD. Once they are closed on TRICHORD, they will be closed on the Trac as well.(TRICHORD supports to connect Trac version 0.9 or 0.10 only.Trac 0.11 and later is not supported.)

View Task in Tree structure

The [Task] view displays tasks and their relations in a tree structure.

View Task in Tree structure

Search Task

You can search tasks (features, stories and tasks) by using the search box.

the search box

New Icons on TRICHORD Cards

Two icons appear on TRICHORD Cards if they are originally created by importing Trac Tickets.

Trac Icon

This Trac icon indicates that this card is created by importing Trac tickets.

Trac Icon

Light Bulb Icon

This light bulb icon indicates that this card is placed in the DONE lane but the ticket has not been closed yet.

Light Bulb Icon

Clock Icon

This clock icon indicates that a deadline has been assigned to the task. You can set a deadline from its property.

Clock Icon

Import/Export Tab format data

You can import Mind Map data that is created by astah* in specified format into TRICHORD to create TRICHORD Cards and also you can export (paste) data of TRICHORD Cards onto astah*'s Mind Map.
(*) Mind Map is a registered trademark of the Buzan Organisation Ltd.

Add Tags

You can give your TRICHORD cards a "tag", which is like a keyword. Tags help you find cards that have something in common.

Tags search

Feature Property

Added a new field to put a tag in the Feature Property.

Story Property

Added a new field to put a tag in the Story Property.

Task Property

Added following fields in the Task Property.

  • Deadline : A deadline date for the task
  • Elapse : Amount of time that has elapsed to complete the task
  • Ticket URL : Ticket URL of Trac Repository will be shown for Cards that are created by importing Track Tickets
  • Tag : Tag is like a keyword to give a Card, which helps you find and organize task cards more easily

Lane Property

Added following two fields in the Property of Lane for Task Kanban.

  • Total remaining task : This indicates the total amount of tasks in each lane (Todo, Doing, DONE).
  • Total estimates : This indicates the total amount of estimates of tasks in each lane

Transcribe the remaining task field

In earlier versions, when developers forgot to put amount of remaining tasks in, TRICHORD used to transcribe what it was on the previous day. Since this version, what someone put the last time will be transcribed always.

Improved TRICORD Card's Shape

We cut off the edge of TRICHORD cards so now they have roundly corners and give softer impressions.

Add a favorite Icon to your picture

You can add a favorite icon to your picture in Niko-niko Calendar ([Window] - [Preferences])

Add a favorite Icon to your picture

Add favorite icons to the feelings icons in Niko-niko Calendar

You can add favorite icons to the feeling icons (Good, Normal and Bad) in Niko-niko Calendar. ([Window] - [Preferences])

Add favorite icons to the feelings icons in Niko-niko Calendar

Post comments to others in Niko-niko Calendar

You can post comments to others in Niko-niko Calendar.

Post comments to others in Niko-niko Calendar

Easy for beginners

In earlier versions, it was not clear for beginners to understand how to use the Niko-niko calendar on their first try. Since this version, when you open the Niko-niko Calendar, the current date is highlighted and the picture icon for initial user appears already without doing additional setting.

Easy for beginners

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